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Gloves Including Vinyl, Latex and Nitrile

At CLH Healthcare, we take hygiene and infection control seriously, supplying a wide range of medical grade examination gloves for the whole team. Sterile gloves are an excellent way to control the spread of germs and protect medical staff from infection.

As your trusted healthcare supplier, you can be confident that we stock only the highest quality surgical gloves to meet your needs. From blue vinyl gloves and powder free nitrile gloves to synthetic gloves and blue nitrile gloves, you’ll find an extensive variety of cost-effective products in a selection of materials and sizes.

Our allergy-free, disposable vinyl gloves and nitrile gloves are a great alternative to disposable latex gloves, as they protect your staff from anaphylactic reactions caused by a latex allergy or sensitive skin.

So, if you’re looking for robust, disposable gloves, look no further than CLH Healthcare.

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