Gloves Including Vinyl, Latex & Nitrile

At CLH Group we take infection control seriously. We only stock medical grade examination gloves from vinyl, blue vinyl, latex, nitrile, synthetic, powdered or powder free and sterile, to household and polythene. If you’re looking for gloves, we’ve got them all as your trusted healthcare supplier!

Allergic to latex gloves? That's no problem we stock a range of vinyl and nitrile gloves which minimise the risk of your anaphylactic reactions.

Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large for the whole team.

Picking the right gloves?

Vinyl gloves are a great alternative to latex gloves especially if you have a latex allergy. Vinyl gloves are allergy free.

Powdered or powder free? - Dry lubricant is used on powdered gloves to aid the process of putting them on and taking them off. Lubricants such as Cornstarch and Silicone are used but in most cases Cornstarch.

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