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Rise & Recliners and Bespoke Chairs

Rise & Recliners and Bespoke Chairs

Our range of rise and reclining chairs is vast with options that support active and independent living in your home and also catering for those with pressure care considerations.

When choosing your chair think about:

  • Is it to give improved suppport and comfort?
  • Is it to ease getting in and out of the seating?
  • Is there a need to elevate the lower legs when sitting?
  • Is there a requirement to improve or accommodate correctly any specific postural or healthcare problems?

All Repose seat designs undergo rigorous pressure mapping testing to ensure we achieve the highest standards possible. A mat of pressure sensors is applied to the seat. The matrix of sensors quantifies the surface pressure between a person and the support surface the chair provides. The results provide a map for analysis by clinicians who can then advise our design teams. The aim is to ensure that pressure is as evenly distributed as possible and that the maximum area of the thighs and buttocks is supported as at low an interface pressure as possible.

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