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Special Purpose Bins & Waste Disposal Units

Sanitary Bins, Waste Disposal Units & Accessories

Incontinence can be a distressing condition both for those who suffer from it and for those who care for them. One of the challenges faced by family carers and healthcare professionals is the daily difficulty of getting rid of waste products, whilst minimising the unpleasantness of lingering odours and maintaining good hygiene.

Having to make frequent trips to exterior waste receptacles is inconvenient and time-consuming, adding an extra burden to all the other important tasks that a carer needs to undertake. But there is an easy and affordable solution to the problem of incontinence waste disposal.

Sanitary bins provide the ideal solution for domestic carers and care homes alike. Using Easiseal is the discreet and foolproof way of dealing with the bothersome but vital task of keeping the air fresh and the environment hygienically safe within a care environment.

Vernacare’s single-use toileting and cleansing system - this replaces the old ‘wash and reuse’ methods with a safer, cleaner, more cost-effective alternative, which comprises high-quality paper pulp containers (such as bedpans, urinals and bowls) and the Vernacare Vortex Macerator disposal units available through CLH.

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