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16 May 2022

How therapy dogs help with dementia

Dementia awareness week: how can therapy dogs help those with dementia Dementia is a syndrome and a group of symptoms associated with brain function, and it causes things like memory loss, speed of thinking, movement, and ability to use language clearly (NHS). This illness is extremely difficult to...

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08 Apr 2022

How much does an interactive table cost? A complete guide.

By now, you have surely seen the amazing interactive table, maybe you've seen a demo at a show, a flashy brochure pass over your desk, or a Facebook advert. You drooled over this thinking I have got to have one of those, then suddenly. Reality hits. It's £4000 to £5500 pounds! You quickly move on with disgust....

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26 Jan 2022

How Can Horses Help Those With Dementia?

How horses can help those with dementia Looking to help improve the lives of people living with dementia?  In this article, Katie Allen-Clarke from the equine experts at Horse and Country explains how spending time with horses can be beneficial for people living with the condition, and answers some...

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18 Nov 2021

Four Ways To Create A Dementia-Friendly Home

4 ways to create a dementia-friendly home Looking to make a comfortable and accessible home for someone living with dementia? In this article Alison Hughes, Interiors Director at Coast Road Furniture, shares her top tips for creating a dementia-friendly home. Everyone deserves a home that feels both...

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03 May 2021

Surface Sprays - What Kills What

Virucidal Surface Spray - The Nilaqua Antimicrobial Surface Spray kills ALL Coronaviruses effectively in under 1 minute With so many products popping up all over the world it is hard to know what to trust and what is the best. Nilaqua’s long established range includes a virucidal surface...

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13 Apr 2021

Why Is GoJo Purell An Industry Leader?

The single most important route for the spread of infection is through the hands. The WHO (World Health Organisation) advises that, to protect yourself and others against COVID-19, you should clean your hands frequently and thoroughly by washing your hands with soap and water or by using an alcohol-based hand...

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24 Mar 2021

What is the all new Alerta Wireless Range?

Alerta Wireless Fall Prevention Range Alerta Wireless Fall Prevention has the benefit of being 100% cable free which makes it extra safe, preventing trip hazards and wire breakages. The absence of cables also allows for greater flexibility in where you position the products as they don't need to be...

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09 Dec 2020

Thanks for 2020 from all at CLH

    Thanks for 2020 from the CLH Team! With Christmas just a few weeks away, we can’t help but reflect on the past year, and what a difficult year it has been for many, if not all, of our customers. We would therefore like to thank you for all that you have done...

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15 Sep 2020

Care Home Visiting

During the coronavirus crisis care homes have come up with many ingenious ways to allow their residents to interact safely with loved ones. Being able to see each other through glass, either by a window or in conservatories, is popular. Often, with the addition of a mike or even a telephone. Others have...

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30 Jan 2020

Fighting Flu: Hacks To Protect Yourself & Stay Well This Winter

What is flu? Flu is an acute viral infection of the respiratory tract, usually characterised by a fever, chills, headache, aching muscles, joint pain and fatigue. It is a highly infectious virus different to the common cold, and spreads rapidly in closed communities and even people with mild or no symptoms...

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