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07 Apr 2016

Meet the Team: Clare Walker

Name: Clare WalkerClare Walker CLH

Job title: Sales Support Co-ordinator

How long have you been with CLH? 8 months

What is your role? As the first person to hold this title, my role is fairly new to CLH. As the company grew and the sales team out on the road got bigger and bigger, there was the need for someone to coordinate efforts and keep things running smoothly. That’s my job. I work from head office to support the sales team as they are out and about, and provide additional help for customers should they need to speak to someone.

What do you enjoy most about working at CLH? It may sound a bit cliché… but no two days are the same! I love the variety. I also love working with such a dedicated and passionate team, who are on a mission to create long and lasting relationships with our customers. 

Do you have a favourite saying or mantra? “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place” – George Bernard Shaw.
I really relate to this in my role as communication is so key to keeping everything running smoothly. I always endeavour to make sure everyone, both the CLH team and customers, are kept up to date with everything they need to get their job done. 

What keeps you busy outside of work? I enjoy running and I love the countryside, so if I can combine the two even better! I also have a keen interest in gemology – the study of precious stones. I was hooked from a young age, after admiring my mother’s beautiful jewellery collection. Around 10 years ago while on holiday with my partner, a local jeweller recognised my passion for gemology and lent me a book on the subject. As I spent the holiday with my nose in that book my partner said he’d never known me so quiet! I would love to meet the ‘King of Diamonds’, Laurence Graff and pick his brains on the subject.

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