Meet The Team - Gordon Leary - 31 Oct 2016
31 Oct 2016

Meet The Team - Gordon Leary

Meet The Team - Gordon Leary
Gordon Leary

Name: Gordon Leary

Job title: Service Manager

How long have you been with CLH:?

I have been working at CLH for 12 years.

What is your role at CLH and what does your job involve?

My role at CLH involves carrying out full loler service inspections to hoists and nursing equipment, to prevent potential accidents and injuries from occurring. I am someone who has high standards, and so, like to ensure that all equipment is maintained to a ‘brand new’ level. I look at an item at point of service and what it could be like in six months - one year’s time in view of having the owner’s best interest. Another part of my job is to organise the ordering of parts.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The one thing I find the most rewarding is being able to fix a broken piece of equipment of someone who is less fortunate than I am, making their life just that little bit more comfortable. I also love to show that all I do for customers is just for their safety in their care home, and that their equipment is properly maintained, in view of minimising accidents, and all the guidance and help I offer is pure honesty.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work I have a very busy life looking after my wife and little boy who is five months old. When I do have a spare moment, I tend to spend it cooking. I am a passionate cook with a particular love of BBQing, as well as making breads, cakes, and fudge.  

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