CLH Meet The Team - Eddie Bell - 07 Dec 2016
07 Dec 2016

CLH Meet The Team - Eddie Bell

CLH Meet The Team - Eddie Bell
Eddie Bell

Name: Eddie Bell

Job title: Managing Director

How long have you been working at CLH?

I have been at CLH since 1998, I joined part time originally while finishing my education.

What is your role at CLH / what does your job involve?

I started off as a service engineer and delivery driver, but am now the Managing Director which has been a very interesting journey! My job role now mainly revolves around the overall direction and focus for CLH, along with keeping an eye on the finances and spending time with all members of the team. I visit key accounts with our Salesmen, get involved in importing our quickest moving products, and make difficult decisions on exchange rates etc!

What do you enjoy most about your job / what do you find most rewarding?

I enjoy going to see customers more than any other part of my job, I find it really rewarding meeting new people, as well as strengthening existing relationships. Some would find this crazy but I am also one of these people that actually really enjoy working on reports for all areas of the Company. I even don’t find Cash Flow Forecasts a chore!  

Do you have any stories that you can share about going the extra mile for your customers?

I believe that we always go the extra mile for our customers. We pride ourselves on being large enough to be as competitive as anyone in our market, but small enough to really care about our customers. We have predominantly focused our efforts in the South West Peninsula as we like to deliver all our goods on our own vans and this means that there is only so many customers for us to focus on. If we let down one customer or sell one product that does not perform as expected it is crucial for us put it right immediately. You ask however for any stories…. Just last week we were let down badly by a manufacturer who could not deliver 17 electric beds prior to a booked CQC inspection for a Care Home with a new extension. We bought in different beds at an increased price, delivered and assembled them all at the Care Home on a Friday afternoon, and this week we have to dissemble them all and replace with the beds the customer originally ordered. We even fitted the cotside bumpers - twice!

What do you like to do when you’re not at work / what are your hobbies and interests?

My job entails spending far more time desk-bound and glued to a computer screen than is good for me so I like to be active outside of work. I love walking, and have walked the whole of the South West Coast Path from Minehead to Poole (via Lands End) in small chunks over a number of years. This year my wife Ange and I walked up Snowdon with some teenagers to raise some money for Charity, which was really enjoyable as the weather was perfect. Unfortunately, our chances to get out and about have been somewhat limited in recent years as we moved into a house 4 years ago that needed pretty much everything doing to it, and we have spent considerable time on DIY and gardening (which we enjoy) ever since. We do also love socialising with friends and family. 

Do you have a favourite quote that you would like to share?

If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

Do you have an idol / hero?

I can’t say I have a hero or idol but I built up a huge respect and admiration for my late father-in-law, Mr Keith Leary, who founded the business back in 1975. He was always fair and had limitless time for Customers, Suppliers and Staff alike. We still try to run any decisions we make past the ethos that he laid down here.

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