20 Dec 2016

The Benefits Of Hiring Products Instead Of Buying Them

The Benefits Of Hiring Products Instead Of Buying Them

At CLH we believe in providing a tailor-made service for our customers - our aim is to always go above and beyond. Because we know that sometimes buying a product isn’t necessarily the best option, we also offer a hiring service where we hire out certain products instead of selling them. This allows our customers to ‘borrow’ a product, such as a specialist electric bed, and use it for as long as they need it for.

There are a range of reasons why hiring products instead of buying them could be beneficial for care homes and other healthcare facilities, which is why we offer this service. If the idea of hiring products from us - for a full list of the products on offer for hire please contact us via email or phone call - appeals to you, this guide to the benefits of hiring instead of buying a product outright is worth a read. 

What are the benefits?

No high capital outlay. One of the main benefits of choosing to hire a product, such as a quality air mattress, is that there’s no high capital outlay. Instead of having to buy a product outright, it can be hired for a set period of time for a much lower price. This means that if a care home’s budget won’t stretch as far as purchasing a specialist piece of equipment outright, they are still able to access it.

No repair costs. When a piece of kit is invested in, be it a profiling bed or a hoist, once the manufacturer’s warranty ends, if that piece of equipment breaks down, the care home would need to cover the costs of any repairs. Whereas if a product is rented instead of being bought outright, if it breaks down it can be replaced free of charge. Another benefit of hiring equipment instead of buying it outright is that if it breaks down, there’s a minimal wait on getting it repaired, the piece of equipment will be quickly assesed and replaced where deemed necessary - normally within 24 hours.

Better infection control. Another benefit of opting to hire equipment instead of buying it outright is that it can make infection control easier. Take mattresses, for example. Whenever a new resident arrives, an old mattress could be swapped for a new one, helping to prevent the spread of infection and bacteria. Choosing to hire mattresses, gives access to the best premium quality mattresses, this means they deliver the best level of care, and are exceptionally durable, reducing down time dramatically.

Access to best quality products. By choosing to hire equipment instead of buying it outright, care homes have access to the best quality products. Each time a new product comes out, care homes are able to swap the product that they’re already renting for a newer and more up to date design, allowing them to provide the very best levels of customer care.

More convenient. In some instances, hiring products, such as specialist standaids and pressure care mattresses, can be more convenient. For instance, when life expectancy is only a matter of weeks or when a resident will only require a certain type of care for a specific time period, such as when recovering from a surgical procedure, hiring the specialist equipment that they need can be a better option than buying it outright. This cuts costs and reduces budget wastage, as once equipment is no longer in use it can then be returned.  

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