01 Sep 2017

10 Products Healthcare Workers Couldn't Live Without

10 Products Healthcare Workers Couldn't Live Without

In every industry, there are products that it would be impossible to get by without. In the care sector, there are an array of products that many health care workers could not live without because they are so vital to the care that is provided. With tens of thousands of products available, the question is: what are the products that health care workers could not live without and why?

Below is a guide to the 10 healthcare products that our customers have to have, using them more frequently or relying on them on a day to day basis.

1. Gloves

Gloves are by far our biggest seller. Why? Because in the healthcare industry, gloves are an essential part of caring for care home residents and hospital patients in a hygienic way. Since the end of the 80s, the use of protective gloves has become a vital part of everyday medical practice, preventing both medical professionals and patients from accidentally contracting infectious diseases from skin to skin contact. At CLH, we sell a wide range of different glove types, from latex gloves to vinyl ones, we also offer powdered and unpowdered designs.

2. Specialist mattress systems

Quality mattresses are a vital part of providing high levels of care to patients in medical facilities, residents in care homes, and people being cared for at home, which is why specialist mattress systems are one of our top sellers. Air mattress systems are highly popular, such as the Invacare Softform Premier Active 2 Mattress System, a mattress that has been designed to make preventing pressure sores in patients easier, due to the air pockets within this design. Pressure ulcers are a common problem in the care sector, which is why products like this that help to reduce the risk, are so popular.

3. Profiling Beds

For making patients’ stays in hospital or life in a care home environment more comfortable, profiling beds are a vital tool. These beds come with a range of different actions options, from laying the mattress down to slowly sitting it and the patient up. Easy to use and control, thanks to a simple control system, profiling beds are a popular choice for care facilities, especially as many designs can be used with hoisting technology.

4. Stand aids

Manual handling is a vital part of providing care to various patients in medical facilities and care home residents, which is why stand aids are such a popular piece of kit. Stand assist aids are used when transferring residents via hoist from one place to another, such as from their bed to a wheelchair. At CLH, we stock a wide range of stand assist aids, to ensure that we are able to cater to a range of patient/resident needs.

5. Hoists

For caring for patients/residents with mobility problems, lifting hoists are a vital tool, which is why we offer a wide range of different options, from patient lifting hoists to overhead hoists. At CLH, we are the number one supplier in the South West for slings, hoists, and belts, all of which are part of the moving and handling process.

6. Cotside bumpers

To prevent nighttime accidents and injuries from occurring in vulnerable patients/residents, cotside bumpers are a vital piece of kit. Lining beds with protective padding can help to prevent injuries from flailing limbs, as well as preventing night time falls.

7. Laundry Carts

Transporting soiled linen and dirty laundry needs to be done in a hygienic way, which is why laundry carts are such a vital tool for care homes and medical facilities. At CLH, these are one of our most popular, regularly replaced items, as they are such a vital tool. The Laundry Stainless Steel Medi-Carts which come with colour coded bags tend to be a popular choice, as these make separating laundry easier and more straightforward.

8. Medusa Sweeper

In care and medical facilities, hygiene is vital, which is why cleaning products like the Medusa Sweeper, an industrial battery powered sweeping system are such popular buys. This sweeper was designed specifically for industrial uses, making it ideal for medical and care facilities alike. Due to its circular shape, it’s ideal for using to clean hard to reach spaces.

9. Antibacterial hand gel

For hospital and care home staff, as well as visitors, cleanliness is vital. Unclean hands can spread germs and bacteria, which can have a serious impact on the health of vulnerable patients/residents. That’s why one of the products we sell most frequently to medical and care facilities is antibacterial hand gel. The most popular hand gels are non-sticky and non-tainting, that kills 99.9% of bacteria, including the flu virus, E-Coli, and MRSA.

10. Disposable aprons

Disposable aprons are another vital part of the kit that every care home and medical facility need to have due to hygiene reasons. Whether a patient is being showered or bathed, or a care home resident is having a wound cleaned and dressed, wearing a disposable apron is a vital part of ensuring that hygiene practices are upheld and the risk of spreading germs is limited. There are various disposable apron options, from rolls of aprons to flat packs of them - each care facility has its own preference to the apron type that is used. However, disposable aprons are one of the most commonly purchased products we sell, as healthcare workers cannot live without them.


At CLH, we sell over 4500 products, which means that we are well equipped to cater to the needs of each and every one of our customers. However, there are some items that tend to be more popular than others - these are the things that health care workers could not live without. The items listed above are all items that we tend to sell the highest number of, because they are vital to the day to day running of medical facilities and care homes.

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