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16 Oct 2018

What Are The Benefits Of Our Interactive Digital Tables?

What Are The Benefits Of Our Interactive Digital Tables?

Studies have shown that for people of all ages, interactive tablets are incredibly useful devices that can offer hours of entertainment. These kinds of interactive devices have also been proven to be highly effective for keeping people with dementia entertained and helping people with disabilities to learn more effectively.

Bearing that in mind, we are proud to introduce the all-new Interactive Digital Touch Table Display Screen, a battery run interactive touch table that allows interaction via tablet like nothing you have ever seen before - it’s the first of its kind and has only recently launched.

Utilising the newest technology, these interactive touchscreen tablets are designed to be easy to use and suitable for any care environment, including being fitted with a unique range of safety and hygiene features that other interactive tablets are not able to offer. Complete with a 40-inch digital touchscreen, a specialist tilt design, and the option of running on mains power or battery power for portability, these tablets are an incredibly innovative product.

What can this touchscreen tablet be used for?

This highly unique product has been designed for completing a range of tasks, from displaying agendas and running activity exercises to aiding alternative therapy and engaging residents in games, learning and more.

What’s great about this design is the fact that it’s so large and is able to fold flat as a table and vertically, and can be used in the same way a traditional tablet or iPad would be used but with a much larger touchscreen area. On the safety side of things, this tablet has a built-in battery packet so that when it is being used there’s no need for trailing cables which can be potential trip hazards. Plus these battery backs charge fully in three and a half hours and can run for up to eight hours, which means that these interactive tables only need to be charged once per day.

How can it help people with dementia?

A common issue that people with dementia have is a lack of activity which leads to boredom, as carers can’t be with them constantly keeping them occupied. By being able to engage in meaningful activities, such as using one of our interactive tables, people with dementia are likely to feel less bored, anxious or stressed because they are able to stay busy.

For carers, encouraging people with dementia to engage in any independent activity through the selection of appropriate activities can be extremely beneficial as it helps to promote independence and reduces dependence on carers for constant attention. What’s great about touchscreen tools like our interactive digital table is the fact that studies have suggested touchscreens is a more effective option for people with dementia as it requires less hand-eye coordination compared to a desktop computer and mouse cursor, for instance, making it easier to use for people with dementia.

Various studies have shown that music and art therapy can help to reduce the tensions and strains that people with dementia tend to suffer from. These different types of therapies wake up parts of the brain that can help to ease tension, reduce anxiety and prevent feelings of frustration. What’s fantastic about this kind of interactive device is the fact it allows patients to control their own music and art therapy and offers enough flexibility to allow patients to do an activity that they enjoy and find interesting.

A recent study where dementia patients were given tablets to use on a daily basis found that with use of these tablets their symptoms tended to decrease, which meant that their needs for certain medications also decreased. A variety of apps were loaded onto these tablets, giving the users a variety of apps to choose from. However, what was noted was that regardless of what the users chose to look at or how severe their dementia was, there tended to be almost 100% engagement from the users. This suggested that for people with dementia, the use of touchscreen devices for entertainment can be extremely beneficial.

What does the Interactive Digital Table offer users?

Complete with a person-centered display that promotes care through technology, our interactive tablet tables cater to the needs of all care home residents, with the aim being to keep the mind active, and are designed for residents with and without dementia.

Each of our digital tables come complete with a selection of pre-installed brain training apps, memory apps, and a selection of games and puzzle apps. There is also the option to download your choice of apps or software to enhance and personalise the experience for your users.

Wondering how your care facility can utilise this interactive table effectively? These tables can be used in several different ways, including for dementia and brain training apps and games for people with dementia, for collaborative and multi-user games, listening to music, sing-alongs, quizzes, keeping fit activities, watching films and programs, browsing the internet, Skype calling, and staff training.

Each of our interactive digital tables come with a three-year on-site warranty and all essential training is included in the price of the purchase.

Specialist ‘RemindMeCare’ software is also offered with each of these tablet tables. ‘RemindMeCare’ is an app which is person-centered and completely care compliant and is designed to provide the best experience possible for users. Family members can use this app to interact with loved ones via this system, monitoring their loved one’s daily schedule and activities, in addition to their moods. The user’s feelings and moods are captured through a small survey that helps carers to better understand how residents are feeling. This software is also able to analyse personal likes, dislikes, and specific care details and store them on its secure system.

What are people saying about this device?

We have had lots of exciting feedback regarding our Interactive Digital Tables, with one care home manager telling us that they believed any care home that purchases this tablet will go straight to an ‘Outstanding’ rating by the Care Quality Commission.

There you have it, everything that you could possibly want to know about our all-new Interactive Digital Table.

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