22 Jul 2019

How Profiling Beds Help To Support Independence

How Profiling Beds Help To Support Independence

When it comes to supporting independence, profiling beds can make a significant difference in relation to quality of life. Profiling beds can make the process of getting in and out of bed unaided a much simpler and easier activity, which gives control over daily routine, including being able to access food and drink, go to the toilet, or even act in a event that you feel uncomfortable in bed, or should a household emergency occur.

As mentioned above, being able to move out in bed is crucial when it comes to comfort, in addition to skin care, and reaching for essential items, such as medicines like inhalers, as and when you require them. For this purpose, selecting the right bed is extremely important and can have a vital impact on independence - profiling beds are a fantastic bed choice when it comes to choosing a bed that will help to increase a person’s independence.

What are profiling beds and how do they work?

Simply put, profiling beds are adjustable beds often used in healthcare environments, such as hospitals, for instance. Profiling beds have sections that are motored, which means that the position of the bed can be easily adjusted when in use. Simply by using an electric handset, the bed can be moved during use to make the person more comfortable during use; the height of the bed can be altered, the back rest and leg positions can also be moved to help the person using the bed create a good position that’s comfortable and makes getting out of bed easier.

For carers, these beds are key importance as they can make it easier when it comes to helping people in and out of bed, reducing their own discomfort and also reducing risk. In addition to being able to also reduce the number of people that require assistance to get in and out of bed.

How do the different sections of profiling beds help?

At CLH, we stock a variety of profiling beds, with a range of models available to choose from, as we understand that different needs require different equipment. Profiling beds come in two and four part models, with a range of adjustable functions available for each bed; these include adjustable height, adjustable leg rests, and adjustable back rests, to help make it easier for the user to remain comfortable.

Adjustable height: This is beneficial as it means that the bed can be easily maneuvered to be lowered or raised to the ideal height for the user and task at hand. The height of the bed can be easily matched to meet the exact specifications required by the user, wheelchair, or simply to stand up from. Being able to lower the bed means that it can be easier for the user to get back into it or left their legs into bed. It can also reduce the risk of an injury occurring, should the user fall from the bed. When it comes to having a carer assist the user, having a bed that offers an adjustable height can make it easier for carers to help the user in and out of bed safely.

Adjustable brackets: The adjustable brackets that profiling beds offer make it easier for the user to sit upright in bed, simply at the touch of a button on the controller, which helps to increase independence when it comes to the user being able to reach things, such as grabbing a book, changing the channel on the television, or resting in an upright position, not to mention preparing to get in and out of bed. When we are sat upright, this can help to improve lung function and boost digestion, which can help to reduce the risk of certain medical problems occurring.

Adjustable leg rests: Having adjustable leg rests enables the user to raise their feet or knees independently, which can be useful if the user doesn’t feel comfortable in the position that they are sat in. Raising the knee section creates a ‘knee brake’ in the bed that helps reduce how much people slip down in bed, particularly if the backrest is elevated. Elevating your feet also helps manage some medical conditions.

Another benefit of many profiling bed designs is the fact that they can trendelenburg, which means that the whole mattress becomes tilted towards the feet or the top of the bed. This is important as it can mean that it is easier for carers to help the user up the bed or can help to make creating an upright position easier, when the back and knee break is also used, creating a chair-position. What it’s important to remember is that trendelenburg must be used carefully, as if used incorrectly it can adversely impact the position of the user and cause pain, discomfort or even injury. 

The majority of profiling beds come with integrated side rails, which can help to keep the user safe and prevent falls from bed. However, it’s important to bear in mind that there are also risks that can be associated with side rails, and that they should never be used to prevent a user from being able to get in and out of bed as they want to, as this is when injury could occur.  In this instance it could be worth considering a low bed with no side rails and instead a crash mat placed on the floor alongside the electric bed and an additional alarm mat underneath to alert the user has moved from the bed. 

While there are a range of accessories that can be used in conjunction with profiling beds to maximise independence, it is important to bear in mind that not all accessories are compatible with all beds. For this reason, it’s essential that safety and compatibility are always checked before an accessory is used in conjunction with a profiling bed.
It is also important to bear in mind that when it comes to choosing a profiling bed, the right mattress also needs to be selected. When it comes to choosing a mattress, it’s important to think about both the pressure the mattress is designed to relieve and what type of mattress the functions of the bed require, if the incorrect mattress is in place it may impact how the bed moves.

At CLH we have a wide range of profiling beds to choose from, designed to meet every different need. Check out our range via our website.

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