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30 Jul 2019

Specialist Seating & Dementia: What Are The Benefits?

Specialist Seating & Dementia: What Are The Benefits?

When it comes to the right seating for people with dementia, it is far more crucial than you may realise to choose the correct seating options. Having the right seating in place can help to improve a person with dementia’s quality of life in a range of different ways. That’s why, at CLH we offer a wide range of specialist seating options, ensuring that there are plenty of seating choices for care homes and families caring for someone living with dementia.

Caring for someone with dementia means adapting the place that they live in to be somewhere that perfectly caters to their changing needs. Dementia causes a number of changes to occur in the brain, which means that when it comes to how a person with dementia manages day to day life, certain factors need to change. Specialist seating solutions, such as the ones that we provide at CLH, can help to make managing this disease more doable.

Bearing that in mind, let’s take a look at the benefits of specialist seating for dementia.

What are the benefits of specialist seating?

  • More comfortable seating for people living with dementia both in professional care environments and in family care environments.
  • Safer seating solutions that help to minimise the risk of accidents and falls.
  • Reduced risk for carers as well as the user.
  • Easier for users to socialise as movement is not impaired by chair use.

A common occurrence for people with dementia is having falls, particularly from chairs. By choosing to invest in specialist seating that has been designed for people with dementia, carers can help to prevent these falls from taking place.

Living with dementia can make life extremely difficult, impacting various areas of a person’s life, impacting everything from their ability to communicate to their visual perception. However, by having an ergonomic, seating solution that is designed to perfectly fit their needs, the daily life of someone living with dementia can be significantly improved.

At CLH, we offer a wide selection of specialist dementia seating solutions, which are designed to be highly compacted and easy to manoeuvre, which allows users to remain more sociable and prevents them from being combined to one place at a time. This often happens to people with dementia in care environments, and is a growing problem.

Each specially designed chair is fitted with specialist features that help ensure the chair is safe for the use of someone living with dementia. These specialist safety features include safety belts and raised seat guards, which act as a crucial aspect of helping to keep users - and their carers - safe. It’s essential that when it comes to specialist seating that carers are fully trained in how to effectively use the seating available, to ensure that no accidents or injuries occur as a result of a lack of effective training.

At CLH, we have a dedicated team who are on hand to not only help you to choose the right specialist seating for your needs - whether it is for a professional care environment or a family care environment, we can help. We also have trained engineers who are able to help set up any products safely and provide basic training on how to use them, to minimise the risk of any accidents occurring as a result of improper set up or incorrect use of the product.

Many people with dementia tend to lean forward when sitting or slump in their chairs, which can cause a major safety issue and lead to a high number of accidents, such as falls from chairs. However, with the help of a specialist chair that incorporates posture enhancement technology within the design of the chairs available, these accidents can be prevented, as the chair’s designs enable uses to stay correctly sat up and secure within their chair at all times.

Each specialist seating solution also encompasses pelvic positioners for users who slide and electric recliners for users who lean forward. What these features do is allow uses to remain comfortably seated in a safe manner within their chair, which is of key importance when it comes to users living with dementia.

Specialist seating is designed to make life easier for people living with dementia and also for their carers, helping to ensure user safety and also carer safety. The key aspect of these seating solutions is that they provide users with a better quality of life, making their daily lives far more enjoyable and also, more comfortable.


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