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27 Nov 2017

How To Beat Cholesterol: A Guide For Seniors

October was National Cholesterol Month, which aimed to raise awareness surrounding cholesterol and the impact that it can have on health, as well as ways that the risk that cholesterol poses can be reduced.   What is cholesterol? Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is found in our bodies,...

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23 Nov 2017

Trips & Falls: When Should & Shouldn't You Lift A Fallen Resident?

Trips and falls are common in seniors, which is why one of the most commonly asked questions in care homes is when is and isn’t it safe to lift a fallen resident. As a carer, your first response when someone has a fall is to help them up, but this is not always the best thing to do. Whether you should...

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16 Nov 2017

#StopThePressure: How To Prevent Pressure Sores

Today marks World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day, with the aim of the day being to increase awareness of pressure sores, what causes them, and how they can be prevented in medical environments, such as care homes and hospitals. Pressure ulcers, also known as bed sores, develop when there is too much...

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09 Nov 2017

Hydrotherapy: What Are The Benefits For Autism?

There are more autistic people in the UK than many people realise; there are 700,000 people in the UK on the autistic spectrum, which means that one person out of every 100 people has autism. If you include the families of people in this statistic, there are over 2.8 million people in the UK whose daily lives...

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02 Nov 2017

CLH Blog - MHRA Field Safety Updates For October

Once again, we’ve researched the many field safety alerts that have been filed over the last month and have put together a roundup of all of the most relevant MHRA updates and recalls. These focus on updates for healthcare products and equipment that are relevant to UK care homes and other health facilities. Please...

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