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25 Oct 2018

How To Create A More Comfortable Care Environment

Having to move into a care home is never a nice experience for an older person or someone living with a disability who is no longer able to care for themselves. The concept of having to leave their home behind and move into a completely new environment is incredibly daunting and can cause a large amount of...

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16 Oct 2018

What Are The Benefits Of Our Interactive Digital Tables?

Studies have shown that for people of all ages, interactive tablets are incredibly useful devices that can offer hours of entertainment. These kinds of interactive devices have also been proven to be highly effective for keeping people with dementia entertained and helping people with disabilities to learn...

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11 Oct 2018

Clean Toilets: How Important Are They?

Whether you run a care home, day care centre, or another social care facility it’s essential that you understand the importance of keeping toilets clean. What is the impact of unhygienic toilets? A recent YouGov survey of over 2000 people found that dirty and unsanitary bathrooms put people off...

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03 Oct 2018

CLH Blog - MHRA Field Safety Updates For September

As always, we have researched the various field safety alerts that have been filed over the past month and have put together a roundup of the most relevant MHRA updates and recalls. These focus on recalls and updates on products and equipment that are relevant to UK care homes and other care facilities. Please...

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