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25 Jun 2019

Music & Dementia: What Are The Benefits of Music Therapy?

Music and dementia Music and emotion are linked in a powerful way. People respond to music from a very early age, before words and language are developed, and this continues even towards the end of our lives, when verbal abilities may be lost. Music accesses different parts of the brain than...

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17 Jun 2019

Understanding The Biocidal Product Regulation

In EU, the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) refers to Regulation (EU) 528/2012) concerning the placing on the market and use of biocidal products. It repeals the Biocidal Products Directive (Directive 98/8/EC) and comes into force on 1 Sept 2013. The regulation not only impacts manufacturers and importers...

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11 Jun 2019

'Tabby Cat': The Lifelike Dementia Companion Cat

For people with dementia, feeling anxious and agitated is a common occurrence. When a person develops dementia, they can often struggle to communicate with others, and as the disease progresses they can begin to feel increasingly isolated, lonely, and frustrated. Not being able to communicate as easily can...

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04 Jun 2019

CLH Blog - MHRA Field Safety Updates For May 2019

As always, we have researched the various field safety alerts that have been filed over the past month and have put together a roundup of the most relevant MHRA updates and recalls. These focus on recalls and updates on products and equipment that are relevant to UK care homes and other care facilities. Please...

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