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19 Jan 2018

Preventing Allergic Reactions & Skin Irritation With Glove Use

Disposable gloves are an integral part of the health industry and are used in almost every sector of medicine, from hospital care to home care. Whenever dealing with a patient or resident, doctors, nurses, and healthcare specialists are expected to wear disposable gloves, to protect their health and the health...

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02 Jan 2018

Winter Illness: How To Prepare

January 2018 is here and we are now officially part way through winter, which means that the onset of winter illnesses is about to begin, if it has not already. For healthcare organisations, winter is a busy time, as it is the time of year when there is a spike in sickness, particularly in older people. It...

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22 Dec 2017

Furnishing Your Care Home: Things To Consider

Care homes should be comfortable and welcoming environments that cater to the various needs of their different residents. When it comes to caring for people with specific medical needs, such as people living with dementia or low mobility, having the right furniture and other tools in place, such as stand aids,...

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27 Nov 2017

How To Beat Cholesterol: A Guide For Seniors

October was National Cholesterol Month, which aimed to raise awareness surrounding cholesterol and the impact that it can have on health, as well as ways that the risk that cholesterol poses can be reduced.   What is cholesterol? Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is found in our bodies,...

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23 Nov 2017

Trips & Falls: When Should & Shouldn't You Lift A Fallen Resident?

Trips and falls are common in seniors, which is why one of the most commonly asked questions in care homes is when is and isn’t it safe to lift a fallen resident. As a carer, your first response when someone has a fall is to help them up, but this is not always the best thing to do. Whether you should...

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31 Oct 2017

Play Dough: A Recipe For Sensory Success

Everyone knows how much fun play dough can be; it’s a staple toy of almost every childhood. But the question is, can play dough be more than a children’s toy - can it be a therapeutic tool for aiding sensory development? Studies have shown that play dough can make a fantastic learning and play...

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12 May 2017

Getting Your Care Home Ready For Summer

The long term forecast for this summer is good - lots of sun and warm weather has been predicted by the Met Office. Summer is on its way, there’s no doubt about that, which is why now is the perfect time to start getting your care home ready for the warmer summer weather. The question is, what are the...

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02 May 2017

The Importance Of Keeping Those With Dementia Occupied

Somebody with dementia can have a tendency to wander when they’re bored, which is why keeping them occupied is so important. It’s also good to keep those with Alzheimer's condition busy so that they don’t become overly anxious or stressed out, leading to violent or agitated outbursts....

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27 Apr 2017

How To Choose The Best Hand Towels For Your Needs

At CLH, we know that choosing that perfect product can often be a struggle, especially when there are multiple designs to choose from. Naturally, you want to pick the product that is not only cost-effective, but that is also the best fit for your needs, which can make selecting a product out of many, somewhat...

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20 Apr 2017

Could Your Care Home Do With A Spring Clean?

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, it’s safe to say that spring has sprung. Spring cleaning is a traditional part of spring, and an important part too, especially for care facilities. Spring cleaning is all about refreshing and reviving a space, it’s not just about...

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23 Mar 2017

Revolutionary Products For Making Life For Seniors Easier

It’s a sad fact of life but the older we get, the more difficult life becomes. Life as a senior isn’t always easy, as there are a lot of day to day problems that can occur and make life a bit of a nightmare. That being said, although the changes that come with age can be upsetting and concerning,...

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