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10 Jul 2019

Five Benefits Of Gardening For People With Dementia

5 benefits of gardening for persons living with dementia Living with dementia can be hard, but there are plenty of activities that those with this condition can do to maintain both physical and cognitive function, while feeling stimulated and valued. Here, Nicky Roeber, the Online Horticultural Expert...

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22 Mar 2019

A No-Nonsense Guide To Fighting Fatbergs

Today on the CLH blog, we are looking at Fatbergs! Fatbergs have been slowly increasing across the UK, with giant ‘bergs’ of fat, oil,l grease, wipes, nappies, and toilet paper being found in sewers across the country, including a mammoth one in local seaside town, Sidmouth. For businesses...

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11 Mar 2019

CLH Exhibiting At ICE 2019

ICE 2019 This week is an important one as CLH are taking part in the Innovative Care Exhibition which is being held on Wednesday 13th March 2019 at Westpoint here in Exeter. We've always supported the Care Network with the Torbay care managers events and those held more recently in Exeter as well...

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20 Feb 2019

Sensory Activities Can Help Aid Memory: Here's How

The concept of sensory stimulation is to use everyday objects to help awake the senses - hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch - with the main goal of doing so being to create positive feelings. For elderly people who suffer from memory loss due to various reasons, including dementia, everyday objects that...

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31 Jan 2019

Is Dementia Inherited?

In the UK dementia affects one in six people over the age of 80, while there are 40,000 people under 65 living with dementia. This means that in the UK there are currently 450,000 people diagnosed with dementia. A common question about dementia is whether or not it is hereditary. The fact is that a lot...

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12 Dec 2018

Thanks for 2018 from all at CLH

Thanks for 2018 from the CLH Team! With Christmas just a few weeks away, we can’t help but reflect on the past year. What an incredible year 2018 has been! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for working with us over the past 12 months and we look forward to working...

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08 Nov 2018

CLH Promote Digital Table At Dementia Session

Last week, on the 1st November, we attended the 'Dr Sam Davis - The State of Dementia Care - We Can Do Better' event which was held at Exeter Golf & Country Club and organised by the Care Managers Network. It was a wonderful morning session where Dr Sam shared her findings on international...

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16 Oct 2018

What Are The Benefits Of Our Interactive Digital Tables?

Studies have shown that for people of all ages, interactive tablets are incredibly useful devices that can offer hours of entertainment. These kinds of interactive devices have also been proven to be highly effective for keeping people with dementia entertained and helping people with disabilities to learn...

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11 Jul 2018

Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels: An Experiment

When it comes to healthcare environments, the main focus of every aspect of the building is hygiene. This is because often, in healthcare environments, there’s a concern about the risk of bacteria being spread, which is why hygiene is taken so seriously. Bearing that in mind, a common issue that healthcare...

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26 Jun 2018

Cupcake Day At CLH

At CLH we are passionate about dementia research, which is why we wholeheartedly support the work of the Alzheimer’s Society. We know that one day soon, a cure for dementia will be found, but only if we, as a global community, continue to support this important cause. That’s why this year we chose...

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12 Jun 2018

COSHH Training: Why Is It Important?

COSHH regulations come with the purpose of minimising the risks associated with substances that could be potentially hazardous to the health of you and your team members. The purpose of COSHH is to reduce the number of people who become unwell due to being exposed to harmful substances. The fact is that...

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28 May 2018

12 Facts About Strokes That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Strokes are exceedingly common in older adults and yet, very few people actually understand what a stroke actually is. A stroke is described as a ‘brain attack’ and it occurs when the blood supply to an area of the brain is cut off. Blood carries oxygen and essential nutrients around your body,...

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