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Air Mattresses - Ex-Rental

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Product Details

Second Hand Air Mattresses - All sold in working order.

Auto Adjust Replacement Mattress System

1 system available. Equivalent of a Domus Auto. Good Condition. Includes complete set: mattress & pump.

Standard size 200 x 90 x 20cm


  • 8 inch (20cm) 20 cell dynamic cell replacement
  • Removable and adjustable heel section and foot plate
  • 4 therapy modes for optimum comfort
  • Maximum patient weight 200kg (32 stone)
  • Suitable for electric profiling beds
  • Small and lightweight pump
  • Low pressure detection with audible and visual alarms
  • Anti-tamper safety lockout feature
  • Easily accessible twin tag CPR
  • Power down failure alarm
  • Minimal operating and ambient noise
  • Low maintenance
  • Service Reminder Indicator
  • Static mode function (for patient care and cleansing)
  • Clinically evaluated
  • Additional support to sacral area
  • Spare replacement cells
  • Lightweight and portable for maximum flexibility
  • Digital panel setting
  • Constructed from high quality durable materials


  • Automatically adjusts to the patients weight
  • Removable heel cell
  • Inflatable footplate
  • Safety lock out feature to prevent unauthorised users from changing the setting during normal operation
  • Low operating noise


Piezo Replacement Mattress System

Six complete sets available: mattress and pump. Conditions may vary.

Standard size 200 x 90 x 20.3cm


  • 8 inch (20cm) 20 cell dynamic replacement
  • 9 min 36 second (2 cell cycle)
  • Maximum weight: 26 stone (160kg)
  • Suitable for electric profiling beds
  • Lightweight and portable for maximum flexibility
  • Dual purpose pump with integrated fixing hooks
  • Manual comfort setting dial with weight guidance table (lbs, kgs, st)
  • Low pressure detection unit with audible and visual alarms with an alarm mute facility
  • Static mode function
  • Easily accessible twin tag CPR facility
  • Constructed from high quality durable materials
  • 6 loop retaining straps to secure mattress to base
  • 4 static head cells to avoid unnecessary head movement
  • 3 non-slip base pads


Long working life
Low maintenance
Minimal ambient noise
Dual-purpose pump can also be used with the dynamic seat cushion


Domus 4 Replacement High Risk Air Mattress

Two domus mattresses available. Pumps not included. 

Mattress Dimensions: 200 x 85/90 x 20.3cm

  • CPR: The CPR toggles are located at the head end of the mattress and are designed to be highly visible and easy to use in an emergency.
  • Transport Mode: Transport Mode is designed to be simple and easy to use. Its simple click in design also means it is robust and easy to keep clean.
  • Air Cells: The air cells modular design means maintenance, replacement and decontamination are easy to carry out. Cell on Cell Technology also means that the patient is safely supported throughout the length of the mattress. The centre section cells have a Micro Low Air Loss function to aid with air flow within the mattress.
  • Cell on Cell Design: The cell on cell design offers the patient higher levels of support and comfort throughout the therapeutic pressure relieving cycle.
  • Seat Inflate Mode: When a patient is in the upright position, the seat inflate mode increases the pressure throughout the mattress in order to better support the sacral area.
  • Static Mode: Addresses areas of high contact pressure by redistributing the body mass over a greater surface area through a process of immersion, which is acheived by reducing the mattress pressure by up to one third across the whole surface area of the mattress.
  • Mattress Cover: The cover is flame resistant to BS 7175 Crib 7 and has a host of features to aid with infection prevention including a 360 degree zip, white underside, vapour permeability, antimicrobial properties and is water resistant. The cover is four way stretch to offer greater pressure relief and comfort levels to the patient, it is also possible to launder the cover in a washing machine. 



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