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Nilaqua® The highly effective Alcohol Free Sanitiser that is up to 99.9999% effective as a germ killer

Fast acting - effective within 30 seconds yet kind to the individual and environment.  Not only providing rapid kill against bacteria and viruses, but also provides a residual barrier onto the surface that continues to work for at least 30 days after the initial application.

Features of Nilaqua Hand Santiser Plus+

  1. No water or rinsing required
  2. Kills up to 99.9999% of bacteria within 30 seconds
  3. Alcohol Free & Hospital Approved
  4. Kills Norovirus, MRSA, E.Coli, Salmonella & C-Diff
  5. Non-flammable & non-toxic
  6. Remains effective even when dry for up to 6 hours on the skin
  7. Fully compliant with EU biocide regulations
  8. Tested food safe and halal compliant
  9. Safe to use on all skin types

'Kind to hands, Cruel to germs'

Did you know?  Most alcohol gels do not kill two major germs - norovirus (aka the winter vomiting bug) or C-Diff!

Unlike Alcohol equivalents, Nilaqua Instant Hand Sanitiser Plus won't sting any cuts on the skin

NHS Approved and tested to EN 1275, EN 1276, EN 1500, EN 1650, EN 1656, EN 13623, EN 13697, EN 13704, EN 13727 & EN 14776

The alcohol free sanitising range includes as follows (100ml Pocket Spray & 200ml Travel Foamer not currently available online):

  • 55ml Pocket Sanitiser Foaming Pump
  • 500ml Desktop Sanitiser Foaming Dispenser Bottle
  • 5 Litre Non-Alcohol Sanitiser Liquid Refill

Check out an article on the following link that's listed in Science Translational Medicine which has been worked on from America and Australia since 2015. Indicating that bugs are now becoming used to alcohol gels.  This was reported on by newspapers in 2018 but a good summary article, which details FACT is here.

Downloads for Alcohol Free Nilaqua Hand Sanitiser

Download pdf

Nilaqua Test Report - BS EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019

FULL enveloped virucidal testing (Coronaviruses, Ebola, Swine Flu, HIV and more), that continues killing after application.

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