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Connected Cotside Bumpers for Profiling Beds

Product Code: 702580

Product Details

Full Length Folding Cotside Bumpers for Profiling Beds

2000mm long two rail bumper pads with net window & hook-and-loop fastener base.  These cotside bumpers have been specifically designed to overcome entrapment issues and feature a mesh connecting sheet that runs beneath the mattress/bed to connect the two cotsides together.

With net windows, the bumper pads cover the top and bottom rails independently.  Closes the gaps in side rails - this helps to reduce the risk of a patients limbs being caught between the cot sides and the bed frame.  When lowered no part of the padding will come into contact with the floor.

These full length cot side bumpers are manufactured to work in conjunction with electric profiling beds, still allowing for the head and foot rest to be effectively operated.  They cover the full length of the bed rail and will suit the majority of nursing beds with two bar integral wooden bed rails.

Adult Bed Bumpers:

  • Dimensions: 200 x 86cm
  • Wipe clean material with Velcro fastening (no mesh section between rails)
  • Will cover the full length of a standard profile bed rail
  • Help prevent entrapment with split base unit
  • Supplied in pairs

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