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Waymayka Dignity Cover

The Dignity Cover has been designed to keep service user’s dignity intact.
It is to be used when the patient is being moved using the hoist method.
As the hoist lifts the service user, it is inevitable that their legs separate, leaving them exposed in an undignified manner.
The Dignity Cover can be used wherever hoisting is required.​
This cover has been designed as an accessory to be attached to the hoist sling, covering the person’s modesty, which can easily be removed in case of an emergency.​

  • Non-friction material
  • Water resistant
  • Easy wipe
  • Washable on a clinical cycle.

One Dignity Cover is recommended to be used per service user, complying with Health & Hygiene Regulations and to avoid cross contamination.

Each cover has an identity label and an easy storage bag is supplied.

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