Evacuation Sheet (For Static Mattresses)

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For rapid evacuation of patients or residents, this Fire Evacuation Sledge Sheet is designed to be used in conjunction with standard foam mattresses.

  • Remains underneath the mattress ready for rapid evacuation of patients or residents
  • During evacuation the straps are secured round the mattress and patient who is then evacuated to safety
  • In an emergency, it wraps around the patient, cocooning them within the mattress, to form a protective sledge
  • Drag loops at head and foot are used to rapidly tow the patient from the building.
  • This 'ski pad' sheet features a silicone coated side to aid swift and easy movement of the device across all surface types
  • In the event of soiling, the evacuation sheet can be easily removed for laundering
  • The red polyester fabric is Fire Retardant and extremely strong and has been internally tested

There are two alternative securing methods available to retain the emergency evacuation sheet under the mattress:

  1. Velcro straps that secure the sheet to the bed frame
  2. Elastic straps that loop around each end of the mattress

Safe Working Load: 160kgs
Size: 185 x 85cm
Pack Quantity: One

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