Floorwash FB25 Battery Powered Rotary Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaning Machine

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FB25 Floor Scrubber

Powerful. Versatile. Everywhere. FB25 is a latest generation floor cleaning machine, powered by high energy saving lithium ion batteries. It can adapt automatically to any type of surface. An innovation that will forever change the concept of cleaning.

Lightweight and easy to handle for an always clean floor. The FB25 floor cleaner is equipped with a latest generation brushless motor capable of achieving thorough cleaning against any type of dirt. An artificial intelligence that guarantees a long life.

A concentrate of technological innovations. FB25 is not just a cordless floor cleaner. It has an advanced control system capable of managing the power developed and avoiding any mechanical breakage or damage to the floor or carpet.

Tank with a 90° tilt angle
Invincible floorwash! Thanks to the tank with a tilt angle of 90°, it is possible to reach the most difficult areas: under furniture 14 cm high.

Effective cleaning flush with the wall
Floorwash’s innovative front brush allows you to effectively clean along the edge of wall and reach the most difficult corners. The off-centre position on the right, puts the tip of the brush only 5 mm from the edge overhang.

Two counter-rotating brushes
Two cylindrical brushes, front and rear, ensure that every surface is perfectly cleaned, fully recovering any type of liquid present on the floor. Floorwash's effectiveness comes from the high opposite rotation speed of the brushes, allowing the roller to carry the dirt inside the recovery tank.

Manual water dispensing
The lever used to dispense water is placed under the handle for maximum comfort. It is possible to "measure" the quantity of water dispensed according to the surface specifications. This makes Floorwash a tool able to clean any type of surface, including parquet.

Quality components
All the machine components are manufactured to meet quality, safety and comfort criteria. All the materials used for the production of these Italian made machines are studied to determine the necessary characteristics and conformity.

Recovery tank
The new recovery tank is semi-closed to prevent "dirty" water from leaking out while using the Floorwash. The scraper blade is welded to prevent possible breakage.

Tank adjustable to 3 different heights
Floorwash is for everyone! Thanks to the practical height-adjustable tank, you can select three different positions, for everyone's comfort.

Transport wheels
Floorwash is equipped with two rear rubber wheels: simply tilt Floorwash towards you for safe and easy movement. Use the practical slot in the external tank for transport between different floors.

FB25 Cleaning Machine Specification:

  • Work capacity: 200mq/h
  • Motor: Induction 400 W - 2800 rpm
  • Body dimensions: Length 33 cm, Width 28.5 cm, Height 14 cm
  • Scrubber weight: 10 kg (when tank empty)
  • Front brush: Ø86 – 700 rpm
  • Rear brush: Ø54 – 1145 rpm
  • Removable tank: Total capacity 4 litres
  • Recovery tank: 1 litre
  • Battery powered: 580 watts

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