Hil-Rom P330 Replacement Mattress System

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Product Code: 703025

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A Wound Surface Replacement Mattress System that is self-adjusting by using alternating low pressure technology.

The multi-zoned, self-adjusting mattress replacement provides alternating low pressure support at all times, setting a new standard of care. It is specifically designed for enhanced prevention & treatment of patients, at risk or suffering, from pressure ulcers.  The Wound Surface addresses all key issues related to pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. It's silent, compact, lightweight therapy surface, with no external control unit, is very easy to use and transport. It also offers low power consumption making it an environmentally friendly product.

This unit incorporates Self-Adjusting Alternating Low Pressure SAALP Sensing Technology meaning the pump has a fully automatic, real-time, self-adjusting pressure intelligence and automatically adjusts its pressure cycle according to each patient's morphology, size, weight, shape or position.

  • 20 multicells construction
  • Sloped heel zone
  • Integrated pump unit
  • Protective foam base
  • One action CPR
  • 5" sloped heel zone
  • Length: 199cm, Width: 85cm, Height: 20cm
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