Integral Mobile Air Care Chair

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Mobile Air Chair pressure relief seating solution.

The Mobile Air Chair's unique design promotes skin immersion and envelopment.  Pressure on the skin's surface is re-distributed, reducing the risk of pressure injury associated with prolonged sitting or lying. 

Ideal for clinical and aged care environments, genuine Dartex fabric surface and our modular pressure relief system maximise comfort while integrated postural contours support optimal positioning.  

The ergonoimc an practical design make it safe and easy to manoeuvre and maintain.

The Integral Chair Key Features:

  • True Lay Flat Positioning - Unique patented design ensures true lay flat positioning whilst SmartTilt intelligently manages chair positioning to prevent unintentional head down Trendelenburg
  • Gas Assisted Tilt and Leg Recline - Gas assisted tilt 25º, horizontal recline 50º
  • Side Transfer Compatible - the chair can go totally horizontal with sides that simply fold down allowing for easy side patient transfers for improved WH&S
  • Adjustable Foam Matrix - A matrix of air flow chambers promotes skin microclimate and evenly redistributes pressure.  A higher density outer permieter improves midline sitting while foam cores are movable for customised positioning
  • Patient Surface - Contoured air bladder in the seating surface can be easily inflated and adjusted with the integrated hand pump
  • Ergonomic Attendant Grip Handles - Control levers for tilt & recline, push handle for attendant use
  • Lockable Castors with Directional Control - Front directional castor improves the ability to manoeuvre in a straight line through corridors, making it safer and lighter for attendant use

Clinical Considerations:

Optimal Positioning and Posture

  • Gentle contouring in the sacral region assists the user in achieving and maintaining optimal positioning and a midline posture
  • In the backrest, a higher-density foam outer perimeter improves midline sitting, while foam cores are movable for customised positioning needs
  • Swing-away backrest wings and armrests decrease the demands on carers when transferring and positioning the user

Fatigue Management

  • Integrated tilt, recline and leg raise allow the Mobile Air Chair to achieve bed-like positioning to facilitate fatigue mangement and relaxed positioning

Oedema Management

  • The generous 90º leg raise angle assists with the management of lower limb oedema

Safe Handling

  • Ergonomic grip handles assist with leverage, while a directional locking castor makes manoeuvring in a straight line through long corridors easy and safe

Removable Covers

  • The cover is easily removed to facilitate laundering or replacment and for compliance with infection control requirements

Pressure Injury Management

  • Pressure injury management and prevention is the cornerstone of the Mobile Air Chair's design

Immersion & Envelopment

  • Lumbosacral contouring intelligently accommodates the fluteal shelf, allowing users to sit right back into the upholstery for improved positioning and immersion
  • Designed with Dartex PU Fabric to maximise skin immersion and envelopment which is fundamental for a support surface to effectively redistribute pressure improving blood flow which promotes healing.

Chair Dimensions:

  • Seat Height: 650mm
  • Seat Depth: 560mm
  • Seat Width: 500mm
  • Backrest Height: 630mm
  • Overall Height: 1290mm
  • Overall Depth: 690mm
  • Overall Width: 700mm
  • Overall Length: 1200mm
  • SWL: 180kg

NOTE: Please allow 7-10 working days for delivery.

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