Lindhaus LW30 Pro Hard Floor Cleaner

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Lindhaus Compact Floor Scrubber Drier

Mopping hard floors is hard work, a health and safety risk, and is often ineffective.  The LW30 Pro is the solution!  Lindhaus LW30Pro is the perfect washer dryer machine for cleaning hard floor surfaces ranging from the roughest to the most delicate.  Its versatility along with the low profile base and the sleek upright body make it effortless to use with sparkling results.  The floor remains perfectly dry allowing you to use the cleaned area immediately.  The cleaning componenets, squeegees and roller can be easily removed without any tools for a quick rinse after using the machine.  

  • Lightweight 10.2 - 10.6kg (under 23 pounds)
  • The world's lowest profile 14cm (5.5inch)
  • Injection and extraction
  • Minimum consumption of water and detergents
  • Long cleaning cycle - full 9 minutes of cleaning time per tank
  • Integrated clean and soiled water tanks
  • Requires 10 times less water and cleaning solution than any manual or mechanical washing system available on the market today
  • Easy brush replacement 
  • Easily manoeuvrable and transportable upright cleaner

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