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Towel Off™ - the original and best towel off personal care and hygiene products with no water required.

Nilaqua's Waterless range of towel off bathing body wash and shampoo products are available from CLH.  They allow you to wash safely and effectively without using any water whatsoever!  Ideal for anyone who is confined to their bed or who has limited mobility.  A mild, non-iritating formula designed to help patients retain their dignity and reduce many of the stresses and struggles associated with patient care and personal hygiene.

Simply apply the liquid directly to the area, with a dry wipe or wash mitt, massage to a lather to lift up any dirt and grease, then remove by towel drying.  Ensure that you towel dry thoroughly; as there is no water involved the towel must be used to remove any dirt & grease from the hair after it is cleaned.  You may choose to wear disposables gloves when using the same process if caring for a patient.

UK manufactured for quality assurance, Towel Off is an alcohol free and hospital-approved range that's paraben free and pH balanced.

Nilaqua® is used in many nursing hospitals, care homes and for those who find it difficult to bath especially convalescing, cancer, the elderly, disabled and anyone whose immune system is very low.  As NHS approved, Nilaqua is perfect for:

  • Dementia Care *
  • LD (Learning Disabilities)
  • Palliative Care
  • MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Post Operation
  • Parkinsons
  • Arthritis

* Aquaphobia is the fear of water: whilst there isn't a huge amount of research linking clinical Aquaphobia & the condition of Alzheimer's or dementia, there is a large amount of anecdotal evidence that shows that many people with dementia are uncomfortable showering & bathing. The Nilaqua Towel Off Shampoo can help reduce distress as many individuals living with dementia are very uncomfortable with water being poured over their head, even during a bath or shower.

Commercial benefit: Nilaqua cuts bathing time in half, improving patient hygiene, reducing energy costs and patient stress saving nursing time to complete other tasks (case study available upon request).

Towel Off No Rinse Dry Shampoo Liquid - the perfect way to wash your hair without using water, a hair cleanser that leaves hair fresh, clean and odour free without water or rinsing.  Apply, Massage, Towel-Off.

â–ºAvailable in 65ml, 200ml & 500ml bottles

Towel Off Foaming Body Wash Skin Cleanser - this waterless body wash foam with a mild apple fragrance has a kind and gentle formula that allows you to wash effectively without water or rinsing with its Towel-Off Technology.  Suitable for all over the body use and for those that are incontinent by adding water & wipes where required for heavily soiled areas.

â–ºAvailable in 70ml, 200ml & 500ml bottles

Nilaqua = SAVE WATER!!

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