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NuVulife Liqui-Life Shakes - Powdered Drink Mix

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NuVulife Liqui-Life Shake

NuVu liquid shake is a nutrient-rich powdered drink mix in three flavours

NuVulife, A New View On Nutrition - Liqui-Life Shake

Nutrient Rich Meal Shakes – 7 x Single Portion 50g Sachets

  • Banana Flavour
  • Chocolate Flavour
  • Strawberry Flavour

Not only for medicinal purposes, NuVu Life provides you with a new view on nutrition.  Developed for the aging market, the high protein meal replacement formulation doesn't rely on excess sugar to provide added calories.

A food supplement with sweetener ideally suited for the elderly (¼ of the sugar of other market leaders).

All meal replacement shakes come in convenient protein sachets that make meal preparation clean and easy - there is 7 single serving sachets per box.

Packed full of vitamins & minerals - 100% of recommended intake of essential zinc, selenium, magnesium Vitamin B6 and B12, Vitamin D and folic acid. A nutrient dense formulation promoting health and well-being for the over 60's.

269 Calories per serving - greater nutrition with fewer meals. Perfect for individuals with suppressed appetites - the chef could try mixing with mousse in the kitchen and see how the care staff watch residents enjoy.

The liquid flavoured shake is developed for people who struggle to maintain a healthy weight.  The high protein formulation promotes maintenance, recovery and repair.

These powdered drink sachets do not rely on excess sugar to taste great, containing less than 5g of sugar per sachet. Instead, NuVu Life’s mission is to offer a range of appetising high-quality products that are nutrient focused and tailored to help people. 

As you age many things change including your nutritional requirements.

The experts have created appetising, functional and nutrient-rich products specifically for people who battle to keep weight on. The Liqui-Life Shake - a calorific and high protein drink-mix, benefitting from a unique vitamin and mineral profile.

NUVU Life - Scientifically formulating nutrient rich powdered drinks and meal replacements for the aging population and OAP community.  A highly functional product within the care sector, showing significant improvements in weight maintenance and control in the elderly.

"Tasty, light and can mix with other things like porridge. I only stick with this product now. Good allrounder" - Alice, September 2019.

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