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Oxford Switch Assistive Transfer Device

Product Code: 805031

Product Details

Oxford® Switch

A simple yet versatile solution for assisted standing and transfers.

The Switch is designed to help a person with reduced mobility, stand from a seated position and enable their transfer from one point to another. As a rehabilitation aid, the Switch actively encourages the user to participate in the standing process, engaging core muscle groups while improving strength and function.

This piece of equipment assists standing from a seated position - known as a sit to stand aid.  It is a non-powered patient turner and encourages active participation and functional independence.

The OXFORD SWITCH180 is perfect to facilitate those who have good functional sitting and standing balance with the ability to transfer weight through both legs while standing.

Transfer aid features:

  • Safe Working Load of 180kg / 28st / 397Ibs
  • Versatile and easy to manoeuvre
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Adjustable knee pad
  • Ergonomic design considerations

What you get:

  • Patient handling belt attachment point
  • Hand-hold points for user
  • Attachment point for clip belts &/or slings
  • Angle adjustable knee pads
  • Height adjustable knee pad bar
  • Frame securing locking knobs
  • Printed base / footplate
  • Foot support bar also used as a carry handle
  • Four corner mounted swivel castors
  • Two independently braked central wheels

The Switch, part of the Joerns Healthcare Professional Series, was designed with the five key principles of moving and handling in mind. This direct correlation ensures Oxford products are simple, safe and above all comfortable to use.

  1. Get close to the load
  2. Use a wide stable base
  3. Ensure a comfortable firm grasp
  4. Keep spine close to neutral
  5. Make sure movement is smooth

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