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Premier Active 2 Hybrid Mattress System

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Invacare Softform Premier Active 2 Hybrid Mattress System

The clinically proven Softform Premier Active 2 mattress retains its properties as a 'Very High Risk' static surface, but should a patient require stepping up to a dynamic surface, a discreet pump can be fitted to the air insert, transforming the mattress into an alternating surface, delivering additional levels of pressure relief. There is no requirement to transfer the client, thereby minimising any discomfort and reducing manual handling. The 'Strikethrough Resistant Technology' cover has been designed to manage the clinical impact with regards to pressure care, infection control and risk of cross infection as well as financial impact, including time and resource management.

The new cover makes this a clinically effective mattress that is robust enough to withstand the rigorous demands of a 21st century healthcare environment. The mattress is appropriate for patients in Acute, Community and Residential Care environments.

  • CLH Branded
  • Max User Weight: 247.6kg (39stone)
  • Mattress Size: 90x200x15.2cm
  • Digital Pump

Static Dynamic Mattress
The air insert contained within the pressure reducing mattress allows stepping up and down between static and dynamic alternating systems with minimum patient disruption.

Digital Pump
Powered by an innovative digital pump, the air cells within the mattress alternate on a ten minute cycle, delivering a very low impact at the point of change. This significantly enhances patient comfort whilst providing effective pressure relief.

'Strikethrough Resistant Technology'
The cover is made from a highly chemically resistant polyurethane polymer making it much more resistant to abrasion and damage and swells less with water contact. When cleaning a cover with 'Strikethrough Resistant Technology', the material changes less and thus reverts to its natural state very quickly. The time in which the cover is more prone to physical damage is significantly reduced. The cover material still incorporates the key features required in a mattress cover. It is multi stretch, breathable and waterproof with corner welds, reducing the opportunity for accumulation of dust and liquid residues.

New air cell design
The cells offer a stable support surface along with improved comfort for the patient. Advanced material used for the insert allows the foam to glide over the cells with ease, reducing friction.

Individual replaceable air cells
In case of accidental puncturing, individual air inserts can easily be replaced at ward level.

Channels in Blue foam U core
The tubes that supply air to the cells sit into securely designed channels, providing added comfort for the patient.

Cost saving modular construction
The top cover, bottom cover, foam insert, blue U core and air cells are all easily replaceable.

Concealed pump hose
The pipes are fully covered with a welded sleeve to promote effective infection control.

Cable and Hose management
If pump is in use, cables can be lifted off the floor and attached to the mattress. If not in use, the air hose can be fastened out of the way.

New digital pump
The innovative RX pump features an LCD screen and audio alarm.

Intelligent software
The pump can identify and advise the status via the LCD screen.

Very High Risk static mattress
In the event of a power failure, the patient is still resting on a 'Very High Risk' pressure reducing surface, minimising the risk of pressure damage.

Larger brackets
The pump has been designed to accommodate a wide range of bed ends with its new larger brackets.


Product Code Description
703068 Mattress Only
703066 Pump Only

Discussing the Softform® Premier Active 2, Kathy Wagstaff of the CERU stated:

“We have used the Invacare Softform® Premier Active 2 hybrid mattress at the unit for approximately 4 years. It is our mattress of choice due to the many benefits it brings to the rehabilitation environment.  Patients report that they are very comfortable, and the Active 2 feels more like their own bed than other healthcare mattresses they have experienced. Because they are suitable for a wide range of patients and conditions, they are able to be used on patients who are at ‘High Risk’ of developing pressure ulcers. Moreover, we haven’t had an acquired pressure ulcer on the unit for 4 years!”

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