Pro-Care Turn Bilateral Turning Air Mattress

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Pro-care Turn Bilateral Turning Air Mattress System

A turning point for better patient care, this turning air mattress offers 30° of bilateral rotation therapy to not only comply with clinical guidelines, but also provide optimal comfort.
Side bolsters protect the patient from the bed rails, whilst additional features such as the Seat Inflation, Heel Relief function and cable management make this a highly effective system.

  • Suitable for patients in medium to high risk of pressure injuries
  • 30° of lateral turning therapy to enhance pressure relief
  • 3-in-1 therapy available for individual healthcare plans with effortless patient repositioning
  • Designed for use in the acute sector but equally suited for any care environment

Air Mattress System by APEX Key Features:

  • 4 way stretch, antimicrobial, vapour permeable and flame retardant cover
  • Cable management - to reduce tripping hazards
  • Heel relief function - single air cell deflation can float the heels with zero pressure
  • Seat inflation - for extra support when in seated position
  • Mattress remain to be a static surface for more than 6 hours during power failure and 8 hours for patient transfer
  • Rotational pause function - allows the care giver to stop a turn right away.

Pro-care Turn Specifications:

Type of Mattress: Replacement
Risk Level: Very High Risk
Pump: Digital Automatic
Max User Weight: 180 kg
Depth: 13cm (5 inches) - Side Bolsters 25cm
Cover: 4 way stretch, anti-microbial, waterproof

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