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Q SHIELD™ Surface Care Spray

Product Code: 605092

Product Details


The new standard in hygiene, with persistent technology.

Q Shield is a family of products sharing the same anti-microbial components.  Most disinfectants stop working when they are dry, the unique properties of Q Shield mean upon drying it bonds to the surface creating an antimicrobial barrier eliminating microbes on contact.

Once applied Q Shield cannot be washed off and will not lose or have its killing action diminshed after washing.  An application of Q Shield provides 28 days of lasting protection on surfaces.  Regular cleaning does not diminish the anti-microbial barrier, in fact, wiping down surfaces with a damp cloth removes dead bacteria from the surface of the barrier prolonging effectiveness.

Q Shield kills microbes physically using the product's surface composition, which acts like a sword to effectively skewer and rupture the microbes outer cellular wall, killing germs, viruses, bacteria, moulds, spores and fungi on contact.

Persistent hand and surface technology reduces staff absence, improving results.

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