RovaVac Cordless / Battery Powered Vacuum Cleaner

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The Commercial RovaVac is a powerful, no lead, no trips, no hassle vacuum cleaner that is perfect for the carehome environment.  The battery pack has a 2 hour runtime giving exceptional use between charging and with no trailing leads you can have the piece of mind that this vac can go anywhere you like within the home.

Carpets and hard floors are no issue for the RovaVac and passing from one surface to another requires no action by the user as the brush automatically adjusts to the change in floor levels.  Its suction power is more powerful than standard vacuum cleaners as it is not bound by low voltage requirements in the way mains powered machines are.  

  • Battery powered with no trailing leads
  • 2 hour runtime
  • Powerful brush and vacuum
  • Large capacity Hepa filtration bag
  • Superior pickup of small debris

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