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Silver Cat

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Silver with White Mitts Companion Cat

This Joy for All grey kitten with white paws by Ageless Innovation looks, moves and sounds like a real cat.  For those who cannot care for a real pet, these fabricated felines are a viable alternative that can last forever and do not need feeding.

This sweet grey coloured cat will reward your loved one's tender petting with gentle movements and contented purrs - feel the cat purr with its VibraPurrTM technology.

Ageless Innovation believes that the power of play can bring joy to people at all stages of life and that everyone should be able to experience the delight and companionship that pets can provide. That's why they designed these award-winning, lifelike pets, with extensive feedback from older adults, their families and caregivers. We hope you and your loved one find comfort and happiness in this new friend.

  • Includes pet, brush & care guide
  • Cat-like movements & sounds
  • Silver / grey colour
  • Soft, brushable fur
  • No vet bills!
  • UK Compliant
  • CE Marked

Joy for All companion cats provide comfort, companionship & joy.  “These robotic companion pets are not a substitute but they are great company, particularly for someone elderly or living with dementia.”

People living at home with dementia - or their families and carers - consider if maybe a cat has been owned in the past and looking after one is now longer viable or loneliness means they would simply just like some company without the need to feed!

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