SPRiNTUS T11 EVO Professional Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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SPRiNTUS T11 Evo Professional Dry Vacuum Cleaner

An innovative and powerful dry vacuum cleaner.

Discover the new EVO generation with maximum performance at minimal operating costs saving you time and money.  Due to the enormas performance of 210 mbar and the high container volume of 9 litres, you are very well equipped for long operating periods and efficient vacuuming.  The economical 700 watt engine with a low noise level of only 72 dB(A) has sufficient power reserves and is adjustable to deliver optimum performance on different surfaces.  The 9 litre container uses a bagless filter system but can also be used with filter-bags to provide total dust control.

This machine is manufactured in Germany ensuring great design and quality.

  • Dust-free waste disposal with the closable, 5ply fleece filter bag - or use bagless!
  • Comfortable, one-handed transport due to its lightweight and compact dimensions
  • Comfortable working due to large On/Off switch designed to be controlled by the foot
  • Easy emptying due to the lateral quick release fasteners
  • Two parking positions for on-board storage of the nozzle and tubes when not in use
  • Four accessory slots to hold all the end tool options on the machine - there when you need them!
  • Power regulator for adjusting the suction to any surface
  • All-around elastic bumpers
  • 13meter activity radius
  • Switchable Combi nozzle 280mm
  • High quality aluminium suction tubes
  • Hard wearing suction hose
  • Latest fleece filter technology
  • Unique lockable cable hook

Package includes: 2 x aluminium tubes 32mm diameter, 2m suction hose, fleece filter basket, 1 x Hepa13 fleece filter bag, crevice nozzle and combine upholstery/furniture nozzle, energy combi nozzle 280mm and 10m power cable.

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